Pumpkin Desserts

Fun Pumpkin Recipes – Dessert

Are you on the annual pumpkin craze bandwagon? For better or for worse, it seems like everywhere you turn there’s something pumpkin spice flavored. We make amazing seasonal pumpkin tarts, and there’s a delicious pumpkin pie on our Thanksgiving menu (which is already out, by the way!), but there are a lot of other fun ways to bake with pumpkin at home. Here are some great ideas to get you inspired:

Clockwise from top left –

1. Pumpkin Caramel Spice Cronuts from Foodness Gracious. Don’t they look delicious?
2. Pumpkin Cake from Something Swanky. You basically just combine boxed cake mix with a can of pumpkin,

bake, and then cover the entire thing with condensed milk and cool whip. Not the most sophisticated dessert, but definitely easy enough to do at home with your kids.

3. Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies from I Heart Nap Time. Who doesn’t love chocolate chip cookies?
4. Mini Pumpkin Cheesecakes from Life Made Simple. Cheesecakes in general aren’t necessarily a favorite around here. Not that we don’t like them, just that if given the option we’ll usually gravitate towards something else. Most people LOVE cheesecake though, and these look delicious and adorable, too.
Do you have any Fall baking favorites? We’d love to know!
And don’t forget that we’re already taking orders for Thanksgiving dinner! Seriously, you could slave away in your kitchen for two straight days after countless trips to the grocery store, only to end up with a massive sink full of dishes.. OR you could have a beautiful multi-course dinner prepared by award-winning chefs delivered right to your door. Pretty easy decision, right? Email Cristina at our office for the menu options and more details: OfficeAdmin@CreativeTastes.com

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