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There are many people that go into making Creative Tastes Catering & Event Production a success - so many, in fact, that they don't even fit on one page. Here are just a few of the individuals that make every Creative Tastes event so great:  

Justin Alexander

A fifteen year veteran in the hospitality industry, Justin has worked his way up to become a successful server, bartender and manager. His skill and expertise has garnered him spots on several award winning teams, such as that of Central Michel Richard in Washington, DC, winner of the James Beard Award for "Best New Restaurant" in 2008. Justin currently works as our Operations Manager, overseeing every detail of our day to day operations. His wealth of knowledge in the food industry and his unparalleled ability to lead a team make him an integral part of Creative Tastes. 

Rosemarie Escudero

Rosemarie was born and raised in Puerto Rico where she found her passion for the culinary industry growing up in her father's restaurant. She spent her days after school helping her family in the kitchen, gaining priceless knowledge and experience. At the age of 17, she moved to Miami and went on to attend Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts where she graduated with her AA in Culinary Arts. Rosemarie continued to pursue her passion and shortly became the Executive Chef at Coopers Resto and Bar. Wanting to broaden her spectrum, she moved on and began working under talented chefs as the Executive Sous Chef at the popular Miami restaurants Jaguar and Talavera. She also assisted in opening Peacock Garden Cafe. After two years she was offered the Executive Chef position at Shape Lovers where she was able to apply the skills she had learned throughout the years. She's now the Sous Chef here at Creative Tastes and one of the most vital members of our staff, managing the kitchen alongside Chef Andrea and ensuring the quality of every single menu item that goes out.  

Cristina Carrera

Cristina is the newest member of our team and while she may be new to the world of catering and events, her detail oriented personality and enthusiastic approach make her a perfect fit. She comes to Creative Tastes as an accomplished administrative professional with an educational background in Political Science and Economics, which she studied at Florida International University. Cristina is our primary staff member behind the scenes, and is usually the first person that you’ll get to know here. From overseeing the office to coordinating our key corporate accounts, Cristina handles a little bit of everything and her impeccable organizational skills help keep it all running smoothly. 



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12229 SW 131 Ave
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Phone: 305.256.8399


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